My Husband Hurt Himself Goofing off

My husband used to be embarrassed when I told people why he started seeing a Sacramento chiropractor, but he now tells the story even better than I do. It all started when our daughter wanted to take gymnastics class last summer. She loves to do flips and somersaults, and she also loves to create her own dance routines. Her father decided to teach her some moves of his own. Of course, he was clowning around with her as he attempted to show her how to do some break dance moves. I am sure you can see where this is going!

He went to spin while he was attempting to do a handstand, and he must have twisted his back something awful with how much pain he was in. I didn’t laugh at first because I knew he was hurting, and I immediately made an appointment with a chiropractor in our area. He was complaining of lower back pain, and I knew that a chiropractor would be able to help him a lot better than anyone else since this type of doctor specializes in back pain. I am just glad that we were able to get him into the chiropractor’s office that day.

He had to have X-rays done first to make sure he did not do any major damage. He then underwent a physical examination, and that even made me wince because he could barely bend over or twist to one side or the other. The chiropractor did an adjustment then, and he gave him instructions for home. He had to do certain stretching exercises as well as heat therapy, and then he had to go back for three more adjustments before he felt completely fine again. He likes to talk about his sports injury now, and our daughter and I just laugh when he does!