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My Husband Hurt Himself Goofing off

My husband used to be embarrassed when I told people why he started seeing a Sacramento chiropractor, but he now tells the story even better than I do. It all started when our daughter wanted to take gymnastics class last summer. She loves to do flips and somersaults, and she also loves to create her own dance routines. Her father decided to teach her some moves of his own. Of course, he was clowning around with her as he attempted to show her how to do some break dance moves. I am sure you can see where this is going!

He went to spin while he was attempting to do a handstand, and he must have twisted his back something awful with how much pain he was in.

Ways to Be Cute

Young hearts know that being ‘cute’ is one of the best ways to get noticed. And if you think about it logically, ‘cute’ could mean a number of things. A concept as vague as ‘cute’ can get difficult to explain. And yet we labor on, ’cause when it comes to the matters of the heart, logic hardly ever plays a part. So young boys and girls (especially), and older men and women (sometimes), realize that being ‘cute’ is going to win them the edge and get them noticed. Is it good to be cute, though? Sure, what could be the harm in being cute? If nothing else, it is definitely an esteem booster. In this article, we will try and understand what goes into becoming cute (for yourself, or for someone special). Read on for some answers.

Ways to Be Cute

Being cute could include a whole lot of things. Attitude, looks, dressing, mannerisms… the list is endless. And at the end of it all, it is rather impossible to decide whether what one person finds cute and endearing is something that the other will find cute and endearing. But we can definitely try to give you some general rules that you can follow. Here’s how to be cute and flirty with someone that you want to impress, or notice.

Girls? Find a characteristic style to accessorize with. An accessory that sets you apart? A cute hair piece with a bunch of hair out. Nothing like a hairband to get the cute factor running. It has something to do with the whole phenomenon of being on the playground as kids again, with frilly frocks and bows and ribbons. Think about it. And while you can’t go about emulating that style in middle school (and please don’t), you can definitely carry the essence through with some cute hair dos or accessories. Think of some other accessory you think you can make even cuter and use it to your advantage―like glasses or hats perhaps? As for the guys? And I’ve seen this work―slightly untidy hair is perceived as really, really cute. The coaxed, pulled back, and gelled hair might look sleek and classy, but the way it just peeks out can be very appealing (and might I add, charming) as well. The idea is to get the slight out-of-bed look.

Dress to Impress
There are some clothes that are sexy―like leather pants or halter tops or guys with white crisp shirts and blue jeans. But then there are those that have a universal cute factor attached to them. For girls? Cute outfits like frilly tops, paired with cute skirts always seem to make a mark. As for the guys―try keeping the first two buttons of your shirt open, or try pulling the shirt out of your pants a little and letting it be out. You might think that girls don’t notice these things, but they do.

Making Pretty
Here’s the deal… you have a face, make it cuter by highlighting your features. A simple shave can get a guy noticed just so easily. And girls? A lip gloss of a subtle color that draws attention to your lips? Why not think in that direction? You can also try applying a little mascara or an eye liner and get a lot cuter. Applying a fruity perfume or a more masculine musk one can get you noticed just as easily and there’s nothing like a whiff of it to set the cute factor in place.

It’s All in the Talk
How you interact and what you say to the other, can instantly give you the cute status. Be funny, be flirty, and talk sense. You could even use some cute pickup lines or messages to make the impression last. You’ll find them by the dozen on the net.

Cliché? Hell no. It works, it so works. Now imagine you have a bunch of friends who call you by your name and then someone comes up with a cute nickname for you (not sickening, cute) or finds a cute way of saying an already existing nickname. Wouldn’t that warm your heart? Why do you think guys come up with cute nicknames for their girlfriend and vice versa? That is one of the charms of getting an exclusive name for yourself. One of the best ways to be cute is to start calling someone by a sweet moniker. (But be sure that they aren’t irritated by it in any way.)

You try to find whatever ways you need of how to be cute, but there is nothing, and I mean nothing that is as good as a smile. A potent smile. A smile can literally take away the awkwardness of any situation and make you feel warm. And if it’s a dimpled smile, you’re really done for. If you haven’t realized the power of the smile, then I suggest you get to it right now. Cute, cute, cute.

And that’s how one brings in the cute factor the right way and makes it last and linger on. These are some of the ways that you can try out, after which, it is all a matter of trial and error to see the kind of reactions that you get from people or that someone special and then change what you want. Then again, being cute for yourself and for no one in particular is something that will give you confidence like nothing much else. Try it for yourself and see what I mean.

Quick Beauty Tips for You

download-24Most of us do not have the time for an elaborate beauty routine before we get ready for work. Whether you are a working girl or a new mom, makeup and skin care is the last thing on your mind when you are rushing to get your work done. But no matter how busy you are, looking good and presentable is something that is essential.

Quick and Easy Beauty Tips

Here are some tips that you can make use of when you do not have much time to spare.

  • One makeup product that you simply cannot do without is a concealer. The key for having a luminous blemish-free complexion is to get the right shade of concealer. Do not buy concealers that are several shades lighter than your skin, as you will end up looking too pale and made up. The correct way to apply concealer is to dot the concealer on your face, on areas that need maximum coverage, like under the eyes and around the nose. Now gently use you fingertips to blend the concealer in gentle outward movements. When you are done, dust some loose powder to set the makeup.
  • If you have fairly good skin, you do not need to apply any foundation. Applying foundation takes time and if you are not careful, by mid afternoon it starts caking and streaking your face. Instead, you can apply a light concealer for problem areas like under eye dark circles and brown spots. To replace foundation, you can also opt for a tinted moisturizer. This gives you medium to light coverage with a natural dewy appearance that lasts all day long.
  • When you apply lipstick, make sure that you do so with a lip brush. Apply a lip liner in a shade that closely matches your lipstick shade and avoid using a dark liner with a light lipstick. Lipsticks hold better when the lips are smooth and free of any cracks, so make sure that once a week you exfoliate your lips with a soft baby toothbrush. Applying a bit of lip gloss right in the middle of your lower lips will give it a more plump and luscious look.
  • One of the best and quick tips is to apply concealer on the top of your lip line to instantly make your lips appear fuller and more defined.
  • If you suffer from puffy eyes, then here is a quick beauty tip to get rid of it. Keep two spoons in the refrigerator overnight and then place them under you eyes for a few seconds. To open up your eyes use an eyelash curler. Just hold the curler as close as possible to your lash line and press for a few seconds. Apply two sweeps of volumizing mascara, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second coat.
  • Ditch the boring black and brown eye liners and go for colors in eye makeup. Do not be afraid to experiment with different hues of eye liners and eye shadows. Use navy blue, turquoise, moss green, and bronze eye liners to define your eyes. Avoid using liquid eyeliners as they look too harsh. Use a soft eye pencil instead. If you want eye shadow to last all day, make sure that you apply a primer on your lids before applying eye shadow.
  • If you have a pale complexion, nothing brightens it up more than a quick sweep of blush. Use a formulation that you are comfortable with, and make sure that you apply it only on the apple of you cheeks to get an even appearance. Gel and mousse formulas are longer lasting and work well for oily skin.
  • When you do not have the time to shampoo your hair, and it looks a little limp and oily, a quick way to revive those strands is by using a bit of baby powder on the roots of hair. Just tilt your head after applying baby powder and brush it with a big paddle brush. It will give you instant volume and the powder will soak up any excess oil.
  • When you have a bad hair day, do not waste time and effort to blow dry your hair. Just pull back your hair into a low ponytail or create a chignon to look polished and chic.

These were some tips that will not only make you look gorgeous, but can also be done in very little time. You also need to take care of your hand and feet to look polished and well-groomed. Go for a monthly manicure and pedicure, and apply a good moisturizing lotion on your hands and feet to make them soft and supple. Purchase the right makeup tools and never compromise on quality products. Lastly, do not forget to spritz yourself with your favorite perfume to feel fresh all day.

Tips and Tricks to Look Natural Beauty

images-22Many people like to use natural beauty tips. They prefer to use natural products instead of synthetic ones and feel that these products will be gentler to their skin and cause less adverse reactions. The healthier you are, the better you will look. If you want fair and smooth skin take 2 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp glycerin and 3 tsp rose.

When your rind is arid go one nut and play it till effervescent. Add 1 tsp honey. 1 tsp glycerin, 1 tsp mineral oil. Apply this on the cheek and new arid areas on the system and washing after 15 minutes. If you made normal nail cleaner drench them in water with lemon for 5 minutes and so drench them in a less piece of milk for 5 extra minutes. If you take hair conditioner mixture a nut light-colored, one tablespoon of honey, and the juice of one lemon or lime. Apply all over the hair and depart it on for 20 minutes. Wash the hair with chilly water. For best results do this twice a month.

Natural Beauty Tips :-

Sleeping on your back will prevent many wrinkles and breakouts on your face, and even wrinkles in your cleavage area.

Put on a coat of clear nail polish before a colored polish to keep your nails from discoloring.

Vitamins and minerals are needed for health and beauty, but more is not always better. Too much Vitamin A or Selenium can cause hair loss. There is nothing beautiful about losing your hair.

When shaving, don’t stretch the skin or you could cause ingrown hairs by shaving hair off slightly under the skin.

Instead of shaving over and over, with the hairs coming in darker and thicker each time, try waxing. Waxing to remove hair will result in softer hairs each time and result in permanent hair loss after a few sessions. Aussie Nad’s is an all-natural product which is easy to use.

After washing your face, rinse in cold water (fair-skinned people should use cool instead of cold) to close the pores and tighten the facial muscles.

Clean hair brushes occasionally with dish soap and borax. In a dishpan of very warm water, add 1/2 cup of borax and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Swish the brushes to stir, rinse, and let air dry. Scrub any stubborn spots with a used toothbrush.

Tighten bra straps as they stretch out, or buy a new bra when they can’t tighten any further, to keep the bosom looking young and perky.

Being angry really does take away from your beauty now and will result in more wrinkles later.

Exercise while dieting is a must or your skin will be too large (and saggy) for your smaller body. It is much, much tougher to tighten skin after your body shrinks than as you go.

Good posture can make you look much slimmer.


Gothic Makeup Ideas for You

download-23The Goth subculture is believed to be a symbolism of the death of humanity. Gothic makeup then, along with other elements of the typical appearance of those belonging to this subculture, such as the clothes and hairdos, is one of the most prominent representational element of this belief.
Those who sport Gothic-inspired outfits are usually dressed in black, and this color is usually the basis upon which Gothic makeup is done. In order to wear Gothic makeup you don’t necessarily need to follow the subculture. There are aspects of this look that can be adapted to your every day makeup as well.

The Face
•The first thing you will notice about this look is the white, pallid face. However, this is not necessary, and in fact, it is suggested that you opt for foundation in a color only one shade lighter than your skin tone. You want to look realistic while sporting this look. Use a face powder to even out the foundation.

• Blush is an option, but in some cases it can be used to give definition to your face. Apply blush of darker shade on your cheek bones and jawline.

The Eyes
•In the Gothic look, it is the eyes that are always the center of attention, and that should receive maximum attention from you. While the makeup can be as light or as heavy as you want. A deep black liquid eyeliner is essential. It should ideally be worn thick giving smokey effect. Use dark colors like bottle green, navy blue, deep purple, or even red for some drama.
•To achieve a Gothic look is to try out cat eye makeup. Extend the eyeliner beyond the corner of your eye, to make a wing or a swirl. You may also simply extend the eyeshadow beyond the corners of the eyes for some definition.
•There are no bounds to your creativity while trying out Gothic eye makeup. For example, you can choose to wear blood red mascara instead of the regular black. Also try out false eyelashes to give your eyes greater definition. Keeping in mind the shape of the eyes is very important while trying out these techniques. If you have deep set or small eyes, don’t go heavy on the eye makeup. Stick to kohl and eyeliner.

The Lips
•Dark, deep shades of lipstick are perfect to achieve the Gothic look. Apply a suitable lip liner before the lipstick so that you can prevent the color from bleeding. Try to avoid pure black lipstick. Rather, opt for a deep plum, a deep red, or even a blood red lipstick.

•If you want the focus of your look to remain on your eyes, you can go for a nude shade of lipstick instead of dark colors. Finish off with a touch of clear lip gloss and you’re good to go!

The Nails
•Paint your nails in black, red, plum, or in a blackish-brown tone. It looks vamp-like, and adds a finishing touch to the overall look.

•For those of you who find this look too basic, opt for funky nail art and take your Goth look to a whole new level.

Gothic Makeup for Men
•The first thing imperative to Gothic makeup, even for men, is the eyeliner. It does not matter if you don’t choose to apply any other form of makeup; kohl and eyeliner are essentials for this look.

•Go for black lipstick, but if you find it too stark, try a gray color.

•Nail polish is another element that you can sport, and if you are comfortable with the look, try a stark black one.

Makeup Tips for Women 50+

Makeup is something that no woman, whether young or mature, can do without. The right makeup enhances one’s features and makes a person look more elegant and beautiful. As a person ages, the texture and elasticity of the skin also changes. To keep up with the changing skin texture, you need to follow a makeup regimen that embraces these changes. It is very essential that makeup products as well as makeup techniques of application are modified to suit one’s skin accordingly.

Useful Makeup Tips

~ The fundamental rule of makeup for any age is to make sure that your skin is in the best condition.
~ For makeup to look good, your skin should be well-moisturized. Skin that is dry, scaly, clogged with dead cells, and blackheads should first be taken care of.
~ Before applying foundation, make sure that your skin is clean and properly moisturized.
~ It is also essential that you use a primer before applying concealer or foundation. Primer provides a smooth surface for the makeup to be applied on, and covers enlarged pores.

~ Choosing the right foundation is the key to creating a flawless look.
~ Pick a light foundation that is not too thick, as a foundation that is too thick will settle on the fine lines, making you look much older.
~ Liquid foundation that comes with light-diffusing pigments are best for mature skin.
~ You can also opt for light-reflecting foundation, as it scatters light and helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles and brown spots on the skin.

~ The biggest mistake that mature women make is covering every inch of their face with foundation. This kind of full-coverage makes a woman look unnatural.
~ Apply foundation only in places where required. You can use a sponge or foundation brush to apply a thin layer.
~ Always blend the foundation along the sides of your face or downwards, and along your hairline and jawline.

~ Women of any age can have dark spots, blemishes, and dark circles. But as a woman ages, these blemishes and under-eye circles become more pronounced.
~ Dabbing merely a foundation for these spots is not going to help. What you need is a good concealer which is liquid-based to camouflage these problematic areas.
~ To conceal dark circles, dot concealer under your eyes.
~ Next, blend from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner with a damp wedge sponge.
~ Smooth-in any other imperfections like dark spots and redness by using a creamy concealer.

~ Invest in good quality translucent powder to set your makeup and reduce shine.
~ Once you have applied concealer and foundation, apply a light dusting of translucent powder.
~ Concentrate on the T-zone – forehead, nose, and chin, and then the cheeks when applying translucent powder. This will even out your complexion and prevent your skin from looking too shiny.

~ When choosing a blush, pick one that is muted in color and is cream-based, which blends easily.
~ Smile and apply the blush on the highest point of your cheekbones, and blend towards your temples.
~ Blush should appear as if your cheeks have a natural glow, and not end up making your face look gaunt.
~ Apply cream blush instead of powder blush. Our skin becomes drier with age. A cream blush has moisturizing properties, and unlike powder blush, it does not settle on the fine lines of the face.

~ With age, you will find that the shape of your eyes change.
~ If your eyes appear smaller and sunken, you need to apply mascara to make your eyes stand out.
~ Opt for a volumizing mascara, as they make eyelashes appear more dense and lush.
~ If your eyelashes are straight, you can curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara.
~ Apply a dark brown liner along your upper lash line.
~ Begin from the inner corner and move towards the outer corner, smudging the line slightly to create a more natural look.

~ With age, eyebrows become thin. Since eyebrows frame your face and thicker brows look more youthful, it is best to fill the brow area with an eyebrow pencil.
~ However, steer clear of eyebrow pencils in very dark colors, like ebony or jet black.
~ When you are filling in your eyebrows, choose a brow pencil in a color that is one or two shades lighter than your natural color.

~ An eyeshadow base is a blessing for mature women who have fine lines or wrinkles on their eyelids.
~ Applying a good eyeshadow base ensures that your eyeshadow stays for a longer time. It also smoothens out fine lines and wrinkles.
~ Eyeshadows in soft colors, like dull rose, champagne, pewter, honey, and pomegranate, look classy and elegant.
~ Opt for creamy eyeshadows instead of the powder ones, as they are moisturizing and stay on longer.
~ A bit of shimmery eyeshadow applied on the corners of the eyes will also help to make the eyes appear brighter and larger.

~ With age, the lips become thin and tend to look less plump. The best way to give the lips a luscious look is to opt for lipsticks and glosses in bright colors.
~ Vibrant reds, peaches, and pinks give the lips a fuller look.
~ Avoid using very dark lip colors as they tend to make the lips appear thin and narrow.
~ If you simply can’t do without a lip liner, choose one that is neutral or nude in tone, and apply it lightly and on the lip line, and not outside them.

~ Most mature women tend to have saggy skin under the chin or an undefined jawline. This can add years to your face.
~ By contouring your face, you can camouflage these problems.
~ Choose a bronzer that is two to three shades darker than your skin color, and sweep it with a brush under your chin and along your jawline.

Remember that subtlety is the key to enhance your features to look youthful and fresh. An overly-made up face does not look appealing, and makes one look older. A mature woman should look out for makeup products that have moisturizing, light-diffusing, and light-reflecting properties. Finally, don’t let yourself be defined by the makeup you wear, use it only to enhance the features of your face.

Chola Makeup Tips for You

Cholas are known to wear baggy or Dickies pants, tank or halter tops, and athletic shoes. They wear lots of dark makeup that is characterized by dark eyes, penciled, arched eyebrows, and a dark lipstick. Even when wearing lighter lipstick shades, they go in for a dark lip liner. Although the Chola trend was first restricted to Mexican gangs, today it is popular in other parts of the world too. In fact, celebrities like Fergie and Gwen Stefani have taken the look to a global level.

Things You will Need

► Foundation
► Dark brow pencil
► Eye primer
► Black eyeliner
► Silver and black eyeshadow
► Mascara
► Dark lip liner
► Lipstick

How to Do Chola Makeup

► First apply foundation―lots of it. Blend in well using a sponge. Apply two layers if required. Set it with some face powder. You may apply blush to highlight your cheeks.


► Chola eyebrows are very thin and penciled, with an unnatural arch. You can get the effect in two ways, either you can shave off your eyebrows, or conceal them with foundation.

► If you are shaving the eyebrows, all you have to do is draw a pair with a dark brow pencil. Remember to make a very high arch.

► If you don’t want to shave off your eyebrows entirely, just use a concealer or foundation to cover them. Then define thin ones in place of the natural ones. You can use extra eyeshadow to create an arched effect.


► First apply some eye primer, so that your makeup stays for long.
► Now, apply the eyeliner to the upper lash line and extend it a little to create a dramatic effect. Your eyeliner should be applied in a thick stroke for an overdone look.
► Then, apply silver eyeshadow to the eyelids.
► Apply black eyeshadow to the crease of the eye, and slowly blend in with the silver one. In the end, curl your lashes and apply mascara.


► Moisturize your lips with lip balm before applying lip makeup.

► The first step is to define your lips using a lip liner.

► Use a dark lip liner to line your lips. Choose from very dark red, burgundy, or brown.

Now fill up your lips with a dark lipstick. The lipstick should be a shade or two lighter than the lip liner.


► Chola is about bold and overdone makeup.

► Great if you have nose or ear piercings. Else, use clip-on earrings and nose rings for the perfect chola look.

► Curl your hair, or wear a bandana to complete the look.

► Carry the makeup with a “don’t give a damn” attitude, and you will rock.

Nowadays, cholas are adopting a more classic look by breaking away from the typical dark and bold. Even you can make slight changes to the makeup or tone it down a little, depending on your comfort level.

Natural Beauty Tips for Teens

Tween is the pre-adolescent period when a girl is around 10-12 years old. Being in a sublime stage, looking attractive becomes a major concern of girls. At this age, they are exposed to a lot of changes and getting the right makeup becomes a very confusing factor, as they are incapable of deciding whether to adopt an independent fashion that will make them look like a grown up or a teen. While trying to strike out a balance, they tend to go overboard with bright and bold colors that mar their natural beauty. A makeup that will complement a tween is never done with dollops of heavy foundation, lipsticks, and other elements; it should rather be a perfect blend of colors capable of retaining the innate beauty and freshness of this age.

Staying beautiful is a complete package that your physical appearance and body gestures bring along. If you learn to carry yourself well right at this stage, you won’t suffer from any complexities regarding your beauty in your later life. Looking gracious includes factors that create a positive impression on minds of onlookers, and it’s a very normal desire for a girl in her tweens to grab everyone’s attention.

Skin Care Tips

  • The external glow of your skin could be enhanced with a plenty of beauty care tips. Follow a natural process at this age instead of experimenting with cosmetics that promise to make you fair. Healthy and glowing skin never needs any additional makeup.
  • Detoxify your system from within by consuming a lot of fresh foods, like vegetables, fruit juices, and raw fruits. If you want to stay beautiful, then you have to control consumption of fried foods, fast foods, and junks. Drink plenty of water to bring a natural shine to your face.
  • Keep your face clean by washing it thrice a day. Apply fresh cream mixed with turmeric before going to bed. During summers, scrub your face regularly with ice and watermelon slices. You can also apply a face pack made from honey and sandalwood.
  • Go completely natural while taking care of your body. Massage your body, including your face, with olive or almond oil before taking a bath. You will observe a difference in the texture of your skin after a week.

Makeup Tips

  • Never spend your pocket money on buying foundations, bronzers, dark lipsticks, and other material that would make you look older than your age. Go for nude makeup to stay brisk and beautiful. Your makeup kit should contain only lip gloss, loose powder, and an eyeliner.
  • Define your eyes with kohl and then use a single brush of mascara on the eyelashes. A black or dark brown kohl is usually preferred. If you are attending a party, you can even experiment with blue tones. Sketch a thin line of eyeliner to brighten up your eyes.
  • When it comes to pampering your lips, girls in their tweens should wear muted and glossy shades. Juicy pink, coral, mauve, and lavender are the colors for this age. Keep your lips moisturized by applying a flavored balm on it. The natural color of the balm would retain the luster of your lips.
  • Moisturize your face with baby products before going out or else splash some rose water before stepping out. Dust a little loose powder on it. You can also apply pure aloe vera gel on your face to prevent sunburns. While attending parties, the minor imperfections can be covered with a concealer. You can sprinkle fresh glitter to get a shimmering look.

The Perfect Hairdo

  • Hair care is an important part of looking beautiful. Rinse your hair at least thrice a week with a premium brand of shampoo. Oil your hair before washing and condition it after applying the shampoo. This should be your hair care regimen during your tween years.
  • Do not spoil your hair by exposing it to damaging chemicals and using blow dryers frequently. Rather, get a hairdo that will make you look chic and charming. Go for short hairstyles in your tweens. If you have long hair, then opt for a razor cut or layers. Curls look naturally beautiful and they render a carefree appeal.
  • Deck your hair with trendy clips, with cute designs and prints on them. As tweens, you must experiment with colors for your hair accessories. Bright colored bands, hair clips, extensions, etc., would perfectly match your age. All these elements bring out the freshness of this age.

Establish a trendy fashion with cool outfits, funky bags, and comfy slippers. The beauty tips for tweens elaborated in the aforementioned content have presented you the easiest ways to look charming. The magic of natural beauty of this age is something to be treasured. Therefore, be careful with what you do and what you pick for yourself.

Ways to Choose a Golf And Spa Package

With the internet and vast availability of information these days, choosing a golf and spa package for you, your friends and family has never been easier. Nonetheless, this same availability could lead you to total confusion because you will have so many options to choose from that could end up with having you picking the worst possible choice. For this reason here are a number of things you should consider when looking to pick the best vacation packages or deals to cater for your need.

Assuming by now you already know what you want and have made a list of some or all of your expectations, here are things you should keep an eye out for:


First of all, it is highly unlikely that you will just wake up one day and say you are heading out on a holiday without knowing where you will end up right? This probably makes the destination of any given spa and golf deal the most important factor when it comes to making a choice. For example, you have just come across a holiday deal in exactly the same location you spent a chunk of your last break; in Mexico. At that time, assuming you went through all you could possibly see, would you still pick that place? Maybe you would but only if you had a blast and would like to relive it once more. The moral of this is simple, pick your destination carefully so you do not end up in a place you would rather not be.

Flight Package:

If you can find a golf and spa package that even includes flight, to and fro, even better. At the end of the day, that will save you going through all the issues of booking the flights for the right time and price.

Hotel/ Accommodation:

Once you have your destination checked and flight bookings sorted, the next thing you want to make sure you have is your accommodation. Most deals come with this which should make your life a whole lot easier. Better still, you may want to make sure it caters for you and whoever you plan to take with you; your spouse, kids, or friends.

Meals Package:

Look to see if meals (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) are included in the package. If they are, then you have one less thing to worry about; food.

Recreational Packages:

What is the point of going on a golf and spa holiday if you do not have a deal which includes free access (or at least a considerably cheap rate) to facilities such as spa, golf course, gym, pool, etc? Imaging having to pay each time you want to use one or more of these after paying the other bills. You bet at the end of the day you may have blown your budget. Thus, look for deals with all these facilities already included.

All of these are things you should be looking out for when choosing a golf and spa package for your holiday; choose carefully!


Finding Vitamin E Oil for Hair

Have you been suffering from intense hair loss? Are you trying to grow your hair? Are you tired of experimenting with treatments for hair repair? Well, if your answer to any of these questions is Yes, then you must use Vitamin E oil for your hair, as this is the solution for all these hair-related problems like hair loss, split ends etc. Nuts, avocados, seeds and olive oil are some of the richest sources of vitamin E.

Consuming vitamin E oil helps in increasing oxygen in the body, which improves blood circulation to your scalp. Ultimately, that results in healthy hair growth. Vitamin E is also known to help retard the aging process. Gray hair is considered as a symptom of degeneration of the body. Only vitamin E essential oil is the best, to get rid of those gray hair. You may also try consuming the natural sources of vitamin E like soya beans, Brussels sprouts, eggs, wheat germ, broccoli and spinach. This oil acts as an antioxidant, which helps in preventing cells and tissues from oxidation, that can cause premature aging. It helps in preventing gray hair and nourishes your scalp, resulting in healthy hair growth and hair repair. Using vitamin E oil for body nourishes and replenishes your skin, making it healthy and preventing it from the aging process.

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Hair

Vitamin E Oil Stimulates Hair Growth

Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants which help in keeping the immune system improved and helps in circulation of blood to all parts of your body which includes the scalp as well. If you take vitamin E supplements along with a balanced and healthy diet, and massage your scalp with vitamin E oil, you will see healthy hair growth. Although, it is just fine to apply this vitamin oil everyday for hair growth, the best of its effects on hair growth can be seen when
You should remember that consuming vitamin E causes increase in the amount of oxygen in the body. This may cause blood-thinning and clotting problems as well, if vitamin E is consumed in excessive quantities.

Vitamin E Oil Increases Hair Shine

Regularly oiling the hair will moisturize it from root to shaft, thereby nourishing it thoroughly. It also stimulates the production of sebum, which makes the hair shine all the more. Consistent usage of vitamin E oil on the hair will yield positive results in a couple of months. You can now bid goodbye to artificial products, used for making the hair lustrous and opt for this natural therapy.

Vitamin E Oil Repairs Split Ends

One of the most common hair problems is the split ends. Solution? Vitamin E oil for hair – massage your head a night before your hair wash. Shampoos that contain vitamin E help in repairing the split ends and damaged hair that are usually a result of frequent blow drying, ironing, curling and coloring. Wash your hair the next day after head massage, so that the extracts of vitamin E, are deeply penetrated through your scalp, making it healthy and nourished.

Condition your hair, once the shampoo has been rinsed off. Always use a conditioner that is rich in vitamin E. you can also try the following oil treatment at home. Mix equal parts of olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil and jojoba oil to add it up to 12 ounces. You may choose any two or three of these oils. Now add two ounces of vitamin E oil or liquid vitamin E and essential oils to add aroma. Apply this mixture to clean and dry hair. Combing through your scalp all the way to the ends will do wonders for your hair.

You may also try deep conditioning your hair by heating two tablespoons of this mixture of oils and applying it to your hair followed by a towel wrap for minimum 20 minutes or overnight. Shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly the next morning.

Vitamin E Oil and Supplements
If you are considering vitamin E supplements, it is advised to start slowly, so as to be sure of any adverse effects from the vitamin, before you start increasing the dosage slowly. Vitamin E oil works great for your entire immune system . Haven’t you noticed – when you are keeping healthy from inside, your skin and hair look healthier too. Always eat a well-balanced diet, that contains different sources of vitamin E. It will help healing any hair damage and will help in your hair regrowth. If you are not considering taking vitamin E supplements, you must apply vitamin E oil on your hair at least twice a week, followed by a hair wash and deep conditioning.

I strongly insist on consulting a doctor before taking any vitamin E supplements. Only a doctor will be able to prescribe you the right dosage. My last advice on vitamin E would be, whatever you take – supplements or the vitamin E oil, be sure to exercise regularly and eat the right food. After all, what’s healthy inside will look beautiful on the outside!