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Ways to Get a Manicure at Home

Nowadays, with nail salons charging quite high for a manicure, more women are learning how to do it themselves at home. They have found that it is not difficult if they have the right tools and products. If the steps are followed carefully, nails can look just as good as they do when they are done by professionals.

The first step is to remove any old nail polish. After this is done, neatly clip the nails straight across. When you clip your nails, the best thing to do is to clip them just above the skin on your fingertips. Next, file the nails straight across and rounding slightly on the corners. It is important to remember to file the nails from the corners to the center of the nail to prevent tearing or chipping, giving it a smoother finish.

After the nails are clipped, apply cuticle remover on the cuticles and then soak hands in warm soapy water for a few minutes. An important point to remember is to never soak them for too long because nail polish is harder to apply if the nails are too soft. If nails are yellow or stained from constant use of polish, add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice to the water.

Once you are done soaking your nails, push back your manicure gently, using an orange stick wrapped in cotton. With cuticle clippers, you can trim your hangnails if any but avoid cutting cuticles to prevent infection. Then, massage your hands with hand or body scrub and rinse and apply lotion. This will help in keeping your hands soft and moisturized. If desired, you can apply cuticle oil to the cuticles and massage to allow the oil to soak in. after the massage, wipe away the oil from your nails with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. This prepares your nails for the application of polish and any other nail art that you may desire.

Before you apply the actual nail polish, remember to apply a coat of base coat. This protects your nails from discolouration. After the base coat has dried thoroughly, you can apply nail polish and designs on your nails to get the look you want.


Ways to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Women with fine hair find it challenging to come up with hairstyles that will make their hair look thick. But the trick to creating a good hairstyle is to have a haircut that camouflages thin and lanky hair. With the right haircut, fine hair can also look quite stunning. The most important thing to remember while selecting a haircut for fine hair is that hair should not be too long. Fine long hair ends up looking scanty and limp at the ends making it difficult to style. Fine hair have a narrower hair shaft which makes hair appear thin. But there are many good haircuts to make fine hair look thicker. Given below are a few haircuts for fine hair that makes it appear thicker.

Angled Bob Haircut

A great haircut for thin hair is an angled bob haircut. To get this haircut ask your stylist to cut your hair in long layers at the front and sides with hair at the back kept shorter. Long layers at the front and sides gives thin hair a thicker appearance with added body and bounce. To style this haircut at home, you need to shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner and then blow dry hair with a paddle brush. Blow drying with a paddle brush, lifts the hair roots and gives it a more voluminous look. You can also use a good volumizing mousse at the hair roots to give hair at the crown more volume.

Wavy Layered Haircut

If you want a mid length haircut that is suitable for thin hair, then go for a wavy layered haircut. To get this haircut ask your stylist to cut your hair in long layers starting from just under your cheekbones. Two to three layers are sufficient for hair that touches mid back. A few face framing pieces of hair at the sides will give it a softer look. To style this haircut, wash and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and shine enhancing conditioner. Allow hair to dry naturally before applying a coin sized amount of volumizing mousse to the crown of the hair. Apply texturizing cream to the hair ends so that they do not frizz up. Part hair at the middle and backcomb hair at the crown with a rattail comb to give it more volume.

Shaggy Haircut

One of the best haircuts to make fine hair look thicker is a shaggy haircut. To get this haircut, ask your stylist to cut your hair with short choppy layers at the front and back, with thinner layers at the back. Make sure that hair at the back is not too thinned out and wispy as it would give your face a disproportional look. To style this haircut, apply a bit of texturizing cream to the hair when it is still a little damp. Set two to three inch section of hair at the crown with hot rollers. This will give your hair a beautiful textured look.

Straight Haircut with Bangs

A variation of the classic straight haircut is the straight haircut with side swept bangs. To get this haircut, ask your stylist to cut your hair in medium layers at the back with shorter layers at the sides. Also get a side swept bang which is either wispy or blunt. To style this haircut, apply a pea-size amount of medium hold gel on the bangs and blow dry hair straight with the help of a paddle brush. A straight haircut like this makes hair look thick and bouncy.

Choppy Haircut

Another great haircut for women with fine hair is the choppy haircut. To get this haircut, ask your stylist to cut your hair at front in such a way that it just grazes your collarbone. Hair at the back should be cut at least two inches shorter than the front. To style this haircut, a texturizing cream should be used at the hair ends and a volumizing mousse should be used at the hair roots. Create a side part to give this hairstyle a softer look.

Choosing haircuts that makes fine hair look thicker might seem challenging. But if you flip through some hairstyling magazines and have a discussion with your stylist, you are sure to find a haircut that suits your facial features the best.

Cute Hairstyles Tips for Thin Hair

People who have thin hair think there’s nothing that can be done to it to make it look better. But that’s so not true. All it needs is good care and the perfect hairstyle to bring it to life.

What kind of hairstyles work for thin hair? Anything that makes it look fuller, bouncier and uses the thinness to its advantage. Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean you have to shy away from hairstyles that you’re dying to try out. This Buzzle article brings to you a few cute hairstyles that thin hair can carry off pretty well. Tweak them according to what you think will work for you and flaunt that gorgeous hair.

Something Short

  1. Scrunched Up
  2. Graduated Bob
  • For all short-haired women out there, you can clearly see how simple yet awesome the hairstyles given above look. The first style is an above-the-shoulder, scrunched, with bangs look for women with short and wavy hair. To get this look, you’ll have to wash and condition your hair, de-tangle it thoroughly, and use hair mousse to bunch up the hair. Fasten clips to hold the bunches, let them be for about 40 minutes, take off the clips and use hairspray to keep the scrunches in place.
  • The second option is a rather simple one for women with straight hair. Just get your hairstylist to give you a trendy graduated bob haircut. It’s been spotted on celebrities like Keira Knightley, Paris Hilton and the like. That should serve as persuasion enough for you, shouldn’t it?

Free and Open

  1. All on One Side
  2. Partial Waves

  • Now let’s move on to women who have medium to long hair. Given above are two ways you can style open hair. The first option is a remarkably elegant way of making even thin hair appear voluminous. To get this look, you can wash and condition your hair. Once it is almost dry, apply a leave-in serum, and begin twirling it with your fingers. Bunch it at the top of your head for about 30 to 45 minutes. Once you’re completely ready, simply let the hair fall loose and take it all to one side. You can use sparkling clips at the back to hold them in place.
  • For the second style, make a side parting, and twirl the tips of the hair and keep them clipped at the bottom. Once you’re ready, open your hair, and show off your glorious tresses which will have a hint of cheerful bounce.

Evergreen Ponytails

  1. Neat Ponytail
  2. Messy Side Ponytail
  • Ponytails are probably the best hairstyle for thin hair. But they don’t have to be boring anymore. As you can see, we have a couple of fabulous styles you can try out. For the first one, tie a low ponytail leaving enough hair to tie around it like you would a ribbon. Now, tie the remaining hair around the ponytail. Clip the ends of this hair at the bottom of the ponytail very tightly. You can use transparent clips if you want it to look like an ‘only-hair’ style. Or you can bling it up with fancy sparkling clips.
  • The second style is a messy side ponytail with bangs, which if done right, can make you look just the right amount of naughty and nice. Make a side parting for your bangs and hair. Now tie all your hair into a ponytail on the side of the parting that you have made. You can use a band to tie your hair or go for the steps mentioned for the first ponytail. Now, iron your bangs so that they’re poker straight and have them fall on either side of your face. Perfect!

Braided Affair

  1. Side Braid
  2. Multi-braids

  • If you thought braids were meant only for thick hair, you’ll be so glad you were wrong. Here are two amazing styles of braids that you can try even if you have thin hair. The first style is a side braid. Given the types of braids there are, we can’t really pin-point a particular one for you. Just zero in on the style that you want and instead of the conventional method of tying it at the back of the head, make a side parting, gather all your hair to a side and braid it. Use a large accessory to glam it up even more.
  • Another option you can try is multiple braids. You may gawk at the possibility of multiple braids with thin hair, but it is possible. Make a side parting and begin braids at random points at the crown of your head. Make them converge into a ponytail and fasten them with a band. From the ponytail, again make multiple thin braids. You can either leave these braids as they are or tie them together at the bottom. Whatever you do, they’ll look fabulous!

Buns and Updos

  1. Bun with Twirls
  2. Low Bun with Accessories

  • What does every woman with thin hair want? Her hair to look full, right? What can render this fullness? Waves and twirls! You can make an intricate-looking twirled hair bun like the first image. Just wash and condition your hair. Towel dry (so it stops dripping) and twirl it right from the top of your head to the tips. Pin up the hair so that it remains in this position till it dries. Once it has dried, gently open it and fold it into a low bun and pin the ends up neatly at your nape (or a bit higher if you prefer). Add some embellishments for a snazzy look.
  • The second option shown here is a low bun with side twirls. Instead of twirling the entire hair, twirl only the sides. So when you tie the bun, its sides will be nice and wavy, and the top and center will be straight. Use bobby pins to fasten stray strands. Pin small flowers into the twirls for a cute and fresh look.

You know what the best part about these hairstyles is? They’ll look great on any face shape. So if that was something you were worried about, just throw that concern out the window. Try these hairstyles on yourself and see the wonders they do for your tresses and your self-confidence.